Friday, February 12, 2010

Miserable ):

Oh, hello there guys. Yeah, its been a long time i tak update my blog. Malas aah, but you know what? I've been moody and very miserable nowdays and i dont have anyone to talk to. So, i've decided to luahkan everything here.

1) My 'sister' kene buang sekolah or whatever crap la kan? I dont know what happened actually. Im closed with her you know? And i just cant accept the fact that she's leaving me. I went home for like a day earlier tau for chinese new year. So, when i found out that die kene buang semua, i started crying like hell. And, everytime nak jumpe die, tak dpat because senior and her batch ramai sgt nak jumpe die which i totally understand . Conclusion is, i tak sempat nak jumpe die and im afraid that die akan balik sabah this chinese new year. I didnt have the chance to say goodbye :'(

2) Aiman, Zul, Fifi, and Jo, Sorry gila i tak reply your text and call semua. Im too depressed to talk or chat with anyone right now. And yeah, all comments and text i takkan reply. Im sorry. So, dont bother trying, oh-kay? Yeah, i have other reasons lagi kenapa i moody, and i malas nak type bnyk2.

And and, if you guys nak ajak keluar ke apa, text me. I'll reply if i wanna join, Klau tak reply tu i takank pergilah ehh? So, bye.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

beep beep beep :O

I mean it :'(


Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hari ni balik asrama :'( Yeah, im gonna wear exactly like that nanti. I cried like hell hell hell semalam malam until my mata bengkak! I cant even talk man. I just dont like asrama. I know its good and all but im just too scared. I dont wnt to leave my family and friends. I miss 2008 and i so dont like 2010! I wanna quit man but bila fikirkan balik about scholarship masa F5 nanti, Haih :'( Life's hard man. Im confused. Im gonna miss evryone oh. Sigh! Yeah. i dah mandi and stuff. Packing semua dah siap. Ayoyo, pakai baju, tggu my parents siap and then, SHITHOLE, here i come :'(

Friday, January 1, 2010


My aim for this year. HAHAHA, im bored actually -___-

1) Try to enjoy my life as a sophomore (:
2) HAHAHA, top 10 in batch? *ececeh, harapan!
3) Be nicer and stop swearing :D
4) Kurangkan lemak di pipi yg semakin gebu xD
5) Try tak homesick :)
6) Gonna call aiman NZ on the weekends, okay? :P
7) Makan sikit, HAHAHAHAHA.
8) Wont break the rules.
9) Laugh even harder, HOYEAH!
10) Entah la (;

gerhana (:

So, i went to pavi tadi with my siblings and cousins. We watched avatar 3D :D That was an AWESOME movie oh. Ngee, kitorang duduk depan sekali oh. Haha, masa tgk movie tu i dah rasa bosan because lama sgt so i texted aiman while watching the movie. After the movie, my abg bawak kitorang round KL. We saw this pondan pelacur trying to dpatkan a pelanggan oh. HAHAHAHA, i jakun gila la kot. Gila oh the way they tried to gada the guys. Dahlah sama jantina -_____- JIJIK MAN! My abg, hazim yg tak stop-stop makan rasa lapar. So, kitorang pergi Mcd. Before that, hantar my cousin dekat Prince hotel. Now, im at my cousin's house lepak-ing and online-ing :D Out!

2 0 1 0 -__-

OMG! Dah 2010. Im not happy about this because im turning 14 and i need to go back to that shithole. GAAAAAHHHH! I cried yesterday. I wanna quit asrama. I dont like it there. I hate it :'(

Saturday, December 26, 2009

No need -__-

I had Fun today guys :')
Thank you so much!